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About School

Robot School - Дитяча школа робототехніки, яка заснована 26 вересня 2015 року. Ми навчаємо дітей професіям майбутнього!

Choose a modern profession

Today, the world is embraced by the rapid development of cutting-edge technologies and processes, in which robotics is leading. Robotization in all areas of activity, smart homes and the world of Internet – these things are no longer a fantasy, but a modern reality!

Maxim Burlai, Founder of Robot School

Principle of learning at Robot School

We teach children from 4 to 16 years old using STEM system theoretical and practical skills in programming and robotics, based on designers Lego, Arduino, Makeblock, Fischertechnik. You can learn how to work with 3D-printer, 3D modeling, programming, mechanics, electrical engineering and other technical sciences.

Our goal is to provide children with basic robotics education that combines the skills of three professions - programmer, engineer and cybernetics! And this is the foundation for their future IT technology profession!

What is our strength

Our ROBOT SCHOOL schools have developed a unique program that helps children recognize and learn about modern technology with pleasure!

We are constantly updating and creating new courses, because the technological world is developing very fast! Robot School gives children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of new technologies, various robots and programming from the age of 4, and confidently step into the future!

The courses in our schools are tailored to the physiological and psychological development of the child, enabling students to complete one year of more sophisticated courses next year!

We teach mathematics, physics, chemistry, history, and biology, giving birth to an interest in the IT profession and engineer in children through robotics.

Our courses cultivate new talents and unleash every child's great potential!


We provide each child with innovative technological development in the field of programming and robotics

Our advantages

Experienced and trained teachers
More than 2000 graduates of different courses in Ukraine
Author's system of student motivation
Always a friendly family atmosphere
Our students are winners of all-Ukrainian robotics competitions
Individual approach
Up to 10 children are engaged in each group
Convenient locations for Robot Schools
Broad reach an audience of children (4-16 years)
There is an increase in academic achievement in our Robot School students
15 annual courses in 4 directions, written exclusively with regard to the physiological and psychological development of the child

Our achievements

Our students