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3D modeling
11-12 years old

Exploring the features of the application of 3D modeling technology in various fields.

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  • Childs age: 11 - 12 years old
  • Course direction: 3D-modelling
  • Duration of the lesson: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Study period: 9 місяців (38 занять)
  • Formation of groups: training takes place in groups (no more than 10 people) once a week. During the class, each student separately works at a personal computer.
  • In the branch "Online courses" this course is not present

During the course, students will get acquainted with the features of the application of 3D modeling technology in various industries. Today, the creation of a three-dimensional model is an indispensable attribute of design in engineering or architecture. During the studies, students will create 3D models of famous architectural monuments and buildings (Eiffel tower, temple of Artemis, etc.), famous characters and objects of movies and cartoons (Wall-E, Star Wars spaceship, etc.), models of military equipment and transport, and many other interesting objects.

When creating 3D models, students will learn the basic techniques and ways to use tools in Autodesk 123 Design. Learn more about the interface and navigation of this software. Learn how to use materials and color models to design a realistic view of three-dimensional objects and calculate their proportions.

The course program also introduces the features of working with a 3D printer. Students will be able to customize the printing process and print their own 3D model.

During self-design in the classes of this course, students will be able to develop their creative skills and imagination, as well as translate their own artistic ideas in 3D models.

What do you need: Desire, good mood and self-confidence. All that is necessary for learning is provided by the school.