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Mathematical algorithms
12-13 yaers old

Mathematics to solve mathematical problems using algorithms in the Scratch environment

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  • Childs age: 12 - 13 years old
  • Course direction: Programming
  • Duration of the lesson: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Study period: 3 months (12 lessons)
  • Formation of groups: up to 8 people
  • In the branch "Online courses" this course is not present

We have created an author’s course of mathematics with programming (grades 6-7)!
Math is considered to be quite a difficult subject, but we think that math is interesting and exciting! This course will expand and complement the understanding of mathematics from grades 6 through 7, allowing students to expand their understanding of mathematics through programming and algorithms.

The course “Mathematical аlgorithms” is focused on the study of certain topics of mathematics, relying on the program of the 6th grade of secondary schools. A feature of the course is an approach to learning that provides for the practical application of knowledge in mathematics for writing in the program “Scratch”. On the other hand, the students of the course will learn programming for solving mathematical problems using algorithms. Course participants will get acquainted with the basics of geometry (coordinate system and geometric shapes), delve into working with simple fractions, methods for solving logic problems and problems on the topic of probability, and program algorithms for solving mathematical problems in the Scratch environment. This course will be useful for everyone who is interested in mathematics, wants to see mathematics from a different angle, and learn how to get practical benefits from knowledge of mathematics. Young programmers also gain interesting experience and deepen their programming skills in Scratch. Working in the Scratch environment will help students develop creative thinking, the ability to create their own projects, build algorithms and analyze them. These skills will be useful to them both in education and in everyday life.

What is needed: personal computer with web connection support (webcam and microphone), Internet connection speed of AT LEAST 7 MB/s (incoming and outgoing).

Preparing for the first lesson: before the first lesson, students are provided with all the necessary information on how to install the required training programs on their computer, as well as instructions on how to install and operate Zoom.

The teacher helps students understand all the tools and programs in the first trial lesson that will be used in the course, as well as gives an introductory lesson with practical tasks for students.

Form of education: training takes place in groups (no more than 8 people) once a week. During the remote lesson, students work in the Zoom program, where the teacher has the opportunity to monitor their work and help using the remote control function.