RoboticsLEGO WeDo6-7 years old - ROBOT SCHOOL - дитяча школа програмування і робототехніки. Київ, Полтава, Кременчук

6-7 years old

Skills of designing and programming simple mechanisms and robots based on Lego Education WeDo-2.0

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  • Childs age: 6 - 7 years old
  • Course direction: Robotics
  • Duration of the lesson: 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Study period: 9 місяців (38 занять)
  • Formation of groups: training takes place in groups (no more than 10 people) once a week. In class, students work in pairs (two students have one designer and a computer/tablet)
  • In the branch "Online courses" this course is not present

The course provides the basics of robotics and visual programming based on Lego Education Wedo 2.0. During the training, children will get acquainted with the fascinating and at the same time complex world of technology, creating robotic models from Lego. Students of this course will be able to program the created models in a convenient and accessible visual programming environment, which will interest children in further learning programming.

At Lego Education Wedo 2.0, children develop mindfulness when working with instruction, logical thinking, fine hand skills, teamwork skills, and expand knowledge in mathematics, science, computer science, and more.

The basic principle of this course is “Learning through Action”, because it will help to understand how the science can affect real life.

What do you need: Desire, good mood and self-confidence. All that is necessary for learning is provided by the school.