RoboticsSMART KIDS4-5 years old - ROBOT SCHOOL - дитяча школа програмування і робототехніки. Київ, Полтава, Кременчук

4-5 years old

The first steps of robotics and interactive programming based on the designer "UARO-1 robot programming" and "UARO-2 robot programming".

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  • Childs age: 4 - 6 years old
  • Course direction: Robotics
  • Duration of the lesson: 60 minutes
  • Study period: 9 місяців (38 занять)
  • Formation of groups: no more than 8 people
  • In the branch "Online courses" this course is not present

Uaro Smart Kids course is an innovative product that combines the first steps of robotics and interactive programming based on the constructor “UARO-1 robot programming” and “UARO-2 robot programming”.

During the course, students build various models related to everyday human life (ambulance, mixer, elephant, giraffe, construction crane, helicopter, dinosaur, catapult, etc.), on the basis of which they will get acquainted with the general principles of simple mechanisms and get the first programming experience.

The designer of “UARO-1 robot programming” and “UARO-2 robot programming” are designed to be easy to use, maximizing thinking, creativity, coordination and fine motor skills.

As a part of the designer with whom the child works a lot of bright details and decorative elements for creativity, so a small robot technician will be able to fully display all their creative abilities.

To create toys according to the scheme and own plan is a dream of every child. Passion for robotics will help to develop the child’s attention, logic, memory and communication skills, as well as contribute to the expansion of worldview and will be useful in preparing for school.

What do you need: Desire, good mood and self-confidence. All that is necessary for learning is provided by the school.