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Launching online courses

Launching online courses

We have developed new courses specifically for online training. Now you can learn new technologies from your home, anywhere in the world.

Online training takes place in groups (no more than 7 people) once a week in an online conference in Zoom. The language of training is Ukrainian.

Before the first lesson, students are provided with all the necessary information on how to install the required training programs on their computer, as well as instructions on how to install and operate Zoom.

On the first lesson the teacher helps students understand all the tools and programs in the first trial lesson that will be used in the course, as well as gives an introductory lesson with practical tasks for students. The trial lesson is paid separately and this amount is not included in the course price.

In the course itself, students engage interactively in Zoom, where they can communicate by voice, see each other, ask questions to the teacher, and get answers. Students can also see the teacher, see the teacher’s computer screen, and show their screens to the teacher for review. Students receive tasks that are selected depending on the type of tools discussed in this lesson. The attainment of the acquired skills occurs during the performance of tasks under the supervision of the teacher, as well as when doing homework. The teacher monitors and reviews the steps of each student through remote control.